Operating in the IT (Information Technology) field applied to digital communication and culture, the Gruppo Meta ranks among the industry's most innovative business realities.

Since 1996, the Gruppo Meta has to be mentioned for a particular vocation to research, which grows through systematic relationships with many universities, national and international research institutes. The Gruppo Meta's offer covers the entire life-cycle of projects, from analysis and design, to implementation of customized solutions, up to product’s care and provided services' maintenance. Starting from technologically advanced systems, addressed to different subjects and areas, the Gruppo Meta experience and know-how provides an innovative approach in finding solutions for smart management, consumption, training, communication and distribution needs coming from Cultural Heritage area, Publishing and Digital area, Public School, Administration, Finance, Medicine and Biotechnology.

  • Digital Publishing »

    The experience accumulated in helping the publisher during the transition process from paper to digital product, has led the Gruppo Meta to develop specific strategies for the continuous and speedy evolution of the products, and how the end user can interact with it.

    The solution developed by Gruppo Meta, based on the general aspect of the editorial processes and not just on individual works, allows a digital version to be obtained from the paper one, by providing the editor an efficient infrastructure that supports the entire publishing cycle: from the creation of the content and the products to the end user, from the management to the distribution and sales, including also digital platforms dedicated to the digital school. Gruppo Meta is one of the main players of the change of the editorial production which is parallel to the change on how end users utilize digital works (web, mobile, Smart-TV), and that takes advantage of the simultaneous multi-channel to multiply the business opportunities for business with the support of the ecosystem of distributors.

  • Cultural Heritage »

    For the past ten years, the information and multimedia technologies aimed at the management and enhancement of Cultural Heritage, have been the main business of Gruppo Meta. The Gruppo Meta has developed a strong specialization in this business, developing a significant number of cutting-edge projects in both Italy and abroad.

    The solutions are developed in close relationship with the customer and combine speedy innovation, marketing strategies and opportunities offered by mobile communication. This was achieved thanks to relations with national and international universities and research institutes.

    The approach is highly specialized and testing of new technologies(semantic search, mobile apps, virtual reality, 3D, augmented reality) enable high performance services and products to be offered, both in the management of cultural heritage and in the applications developed in the field of Interactive Exhibition. The professionalism and the experience of graphics and web designer ensures a more creative and unique approach to the projects.

  • Knowledge Management »

    The distinct and complementary skills, and the professionalism of Gruppo Meta enables them to be one of the most extensively knowledgeable in the world of ICT achievements, in particular the areas of activity in which knowledge management is a strategic hub for effective market positioning. Converting data into information is our mission, whether it is metadata repository or unstructured documents. In the context of semantic intelligence and semantic web, solutions have been developed for banks, public administrations, businesses and the world of culture; solutions created to meet the needs of CRM and organizational management - from Knowledge Management to Knowledge Sharing – and applications based on a common technology infrastructure.

    To date, the Gruppo Meta is able to offer a wide portfolio of solutions for processing information, such as semantic search engines, intelligent systems to consult archives, systems of user modelling and recommendations, responders to mail and text messages, statistical analysis of social network and non-traditional channels. The common "semantic”' framework allows - through text mining techniques, TAL technologies and domain ontologies - an exploration and structuring of the relevant information related to business and organisational scenarios.